Simplify your trade process

Technology and smart solutions are now reshaping the world economy. Here at Machineryx we bring together traditional ways of doing business and technological innovations.

Future is now

Using artificial intelligence we give more time to business owners to concentrate over their business while we take care of their tasks. Companies are realizing that when you give people back their time, they will make you more money.

Industrial Age is over

The reality is simple. Give people control over their time, and they will build a great company, not for you, but with you.

Essential tools for buyers

Smarter Search

Using latest technologies, we build up the perfect match between offer and request.

Feel the pulse of market

Using Business Intelligence, we have gathered all the informations to have an idea about market trends.

Time is money

Apply only one time with our proprietary software and get offers from all sellers in minutes.

Peace of mind

You configure all the notification types and how to receive feedback from sellers. Email, phone, SMS.

Be safe

Be sure you talk with a real person. We verify all sellers accounts to ensure a secure medium.

Connected markets

Technical inspections, transport fees and agreements: all done from the same screen.

Essential tools for sellers

Business Automation

Allow our highend website scanner to automatically add your products to Machineryx.

Business Insights

Provide immediate impact and enable positive, lasting changes to your sales activities.

Value Added Services

Order technical inspections or plan a transport for your machinery. All from trusted partners.


Improve communication in real time with your customers, directly from your mobile device.

Business Identity

Get noticed quickly by buyers. Higher chance of getting better and faster responses.

Priority Ranking

Based on proprietary algorithm and on sellers profiles, we deliver the right products to potential buyers.


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